Dear Trusted Partners, 

Coming from a long history, Sterimed as a stand-alone group was born at the end of 2016. Since then, we are thriving to develop our ambitions in the medical packaging and infection control areas while increasingly committing towards our customers, employees and environment. 

Our teams, our sites, our skills and our knowledge are focusing every day on innovation and on better serving our clients while engaging into our communities notably through developing a global Corporate Social Responsibility. Remaining proud of our long experience and success in demanding certification such as ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, or ISO 50001, we wanted to do even better in including environmental, social and corporate governance (CSR) criteria in all of our actions and investments. 

Therefore, we have decided to engage into ISO 26000 and work towards this guidance standard since 2019. ISO 26000 is one of the current most demanding sustainability standards for corporates. For this in the last two years, we have been developing numerous actions including: 

  • Perform an audit in order to assess our maturity level on CSR,
  • Create working groups to identify ways to improve our practices,
  • Make CSR a full part of our management reviews and include CSR criteria in all our policies, values and individual objectives.

Globally we have chosen to develop our sustainability practices through 6 workstreams

  • Environment - based on our previous ISO14001 certification, we are thriving to improve:
    • Energy consumption – notably through our ISO 50001 certification
    • Raw material origins control
    • Product end-life design
    • Product eco-conception
  • Ethical business conduct – respecting Human Rights and Sterimed Code of Conduct
  • Sustainable governance – we are focusing on:
    • Partnerships and business practices
    • Roles & responsibilities of management
  • Safety, Health & Human Potential – Respect, goodwill and empowerment within our teams
  • Stakeholders and communities Potential – Support and Care about the areas where we work and live.
  • Patient Safety – innovate and improve quality & customer satisfaction 

We are proud to share our first CSR annual report with you and our movie which illustrates our commitment to the environment.

Thank you for your confidence as we build the future together, 

Thibaut Hyvernat
President & CEO


Download our 2020 CSR report