- sealed combination of SMS/Cellulose based product

Thanks to the combination of one layer of cellulose based material and one layer of SMS, the STERISHEET DUO products guarantee an optimized bacterial barrier and mechanical resistance.

The use of the cellulose base material as inner layer helps to the prevention of wet pack.

All products are available in 2 colours combo – green and blue. 


  • The best of both worlds in a bonded version.
  • Available with SMS/Crepe and SMS/NW
  • 3 grades fro different strengths



Sterilization Wraps

Colors Grade GSM Tray size
Sterisheet_160 Green.jpg Sterisheet_340_sms_Blue.jpg
STERISHEET DUO 1 100 small 
Sterisheet_260 Soft .jpg Sterisheet_343_sms_Green.jpg
STERISHEET DUO 2 115 small  medium 
Sterisheet_357 NW Green.jpg Sterisheet_355_sms_Blue.jpg
STERISHEET DUO 3 120 heavy