STERIMED Infection Control is committed to the protection of the environment & of the communities it belongs to. This commitment comes with dedicated investments & product development policies, staff education & development of global public awareness.

Raw materials

Our products are made from renewable resources sourced from well managed forests. We predominantly use wood pulp, completed with just what it requires of other raw materials:

  • to run easily on your packing lines
  • to efficiently protect your medical device

The pulp we use is Elementary Chlorine free. It is also a raw material which is

  • Renewable
  • Sustainable
  • Recyclable
  • Biodegradable

All substances are minimized to reach the target without over-design. In addition, the sealants we use are water based.

On average,
more than 95%
of our raw material consumption
is renewable resource based.

Production Process

Our porous web manufacturing site is ISO14001:2004 and ISO50001 certified.
No fossil energy but biomass.
Optimized output efficiency with 5 shifts all year long.

Healthcare products only: we don't have to clean every second week to remove potential contaminants from other product making.

Integrated manufacturing from raw material to coating printing and slitting, and continuous medical products making: minimal need for transport, minimal storage downstream.


We have brought to market a range of solutions based on the principles of eco-design

  • Biodegradable drape fabrics
  • Polybond® and peel pouch alternatives to flash spunbond and film-film packaging substrates
  • Surface treated materials in replacement for coated packaging solutions
  • PLA-fibers and wood pulp
  • FSC-certified™ products

Product end-life

In cases when packagings are incinerated:

  1. You are disposing of a renewable resource and not fossil-based materials
  2. You are controlling your volume of waste compared to other bulkier materials you can find in hospitals
  3. You are generating a positive energy ratio when burned

If other cases:

  1. Wood pulp is recyclable
  2. Wood pulp biodegrades